Ever wonder how your WordPress website is backup? Here is what you need to know. WordPress is a website builder where you can integrate options and manage, store, publish, and create content. However, it does not have an integrated backup solution.

If you are like most people, you rely on the web hosting provider backup system. The below are guidelines as to why it is essential to create backup systems for your website, how to back up your site and the features needed to back up your website.

The importance of backing up a website

Like most user, you think that the web hosting site are keeping your website secure and is no need to do so. It is not wise to rely on their updates only. They are responsible for million user websites and your data is not their top priority. It is vital for you to create a backup system for your website.

A hack in a server, a server crash or accidentally erasing the data from your website can be detrimental to you and your business. Some of the data loss could include customized themes, blog posts, web pages, confidential documents, and more. Backing up your system can ensure that your data is safe and secure.

How to backup your WordPress website

Before you backup your website, you should know the process and the features that are required. WordPress backup system can be created in two ways, and they are manually and with plugins. Manually is not necessary when plugin are easy and readily available. The plugin is a part of the backup service, which offers WordPress integration. The plugin enables you to set up automatic backups and restore from backups with a couple easy clicks. The plugin is a simple method to automate your backups and restore them when you need to. Plugins have existed for quite a while and have developed a reputation for reliability. There are several backup plugins readily available on WordPress. The Duplicator Pro plugin can help assist with normal backups, cloud backups, & cloud storage.

About WordPress Plugins

With WordPress, technical knowledge is not required to add a backup system to your site. Plugins are readily available in WordPress. Some are free, and some are not. The plugin you choose will depend on your needs and the feature they offer. Below are some essential features.

1. Unlimted backups
2. Site backup in one click
3. Status notifications for e-mail
4. Free up space by compressing file backups (.zip)
5. Backup options that can be customized.
6. Restore files with one-click
7. Scheduled backups (daily, weekly, etc.)

The free version of plugins contain most of the above features; however, they do not include the ability to automate scheduled backups and restore files in one click.

Steps to backup your WordPress site

Below are the required steps to backup your WordPress website.

1. Search for the desired plugins
2. Click and install the plugin
3. Select the Setting tab
4. Select backup schedule (ex. weekly, daily)
5. Choose storage option (ex. dropbox)
6. Select Save and click the link to access to Dropbox
7. Click Allow and click the tab (main) to backup your website.

How to backup your site by downloading your data to your computer

WordPress has a built-in feature where you can export files, whereby you can back up your media and blog posts. However, you cannot copy important information on your sites such as database, plugins, and themes.

If you are a website expert, you can back up your website by downloading the data to the computer. This can be done through the following steps:

Select the CPanel
Select File Manager
Download your information
You can also use FTP software to download manually. If you download your data to your computer, you can not automate the process.

Beginners Guide to Backing up your WordPress Backup Utilizing Plugins

So, you have built your website using WordPress, one of the most popular and inexpensive website builders in the market. Now you want to protect your valuable data from breaches and hackers. Your website host provider can provide a modicum of protection, but they will not be able to recover web posts, customized themes, valuable files.

There are ways you can easily and quickly backup your website automatically. You can back up your website by using plugins, which are available on the WordPress website. Many of the plugins are free, but there are some available at a premium cost. The premium plugins allow you to schedule updates automatically. You can also backup your site by downloading your data to your computer.

Backing up your companies website can be one of the wisest decisions you can make, simply because it can save your company/employees a lot of headaches.